202:100: Adoptable pets at Humane Society of Scott County Indiana

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Humane Society of Scott County Indiana
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" Charming Prince " [more info]

Charming Prince aka Prince Charming is one nice cat who certainly suits his name ! He will make a terrific pet for your home.. Contact Sue at 812-820-1680 or sueann60@hotmail.com

ATLANTA [more info]

"Atlanta" Boxer Shepherd Mix 1 1/2 Years Old Spayed Female Atlanta was adopted as a 3 month old pup and returned 6 months later as an unruly teenager that wouldn't stay home. She is a little over a year and 1/2 now, has very soft fur and loves to be petted. She sits on command and is well behaved in the house. She has a high energy level and still gets excited when she is outside. She is learning not to jump up on people. She will bounce in front of you (like a kangaroo) but has learned not to jump into you. Atlanta really wants to please her people and loves them. Good with other dogs but would be best with a bigger dog that can keep up with her. Too much for the cats! She weighs aprpoximately 45 pounds. We have had Atlanta for a long time now and she deserves her chance at a real forever home! Call 812-472-3512.


Penny Tree Walker Hound 2 Year Old Spayed Female THIS DOG HAS BEEN IN FOSTER FOR FOREVER!!! SHE NEEDS TO FIND HER FOREVER HOME!!!!!! What a fantastic looking walker hound! She smiles ALL the time and gives lots of slurpy kisses. Penny loves her exercise time in the big lot with the other bigger dogs and is very good at playing with them. She is learning how to walk on a leash Contact jandan98@mymail.coop OR CALL 812-752-7500


Johnny Jack Russell mix young Neutered Male THIS DOG HAS BEEN IN A FOSTER HOME FOREVER!! WE NEED TO FIND HIM HIS FOREVER HOME!!! Johnny is fully vetted and does okay on a leash. Good size at about 30 lbs. Loves playing with his dog friends. If you are interested in meeting Johnny, please contact his foster mom at jandan98@mymail.coop OR CALL 812-752-7500!!!

PANDA [more info]

Panda sharpei/border collie 2 1/2 yrs neutered male .Panda, a 50 pound sharpei/border collie mix, is a neutered, 1 1/2 yrs old male. Housebroken, crate trained and loves to play with other dogs. Seems to be intimidated with unneutered, dominant males and might have some issues with them. Otherwise, he is just great with other animals. Has been shy but is learning to expand his surroundings by going for walks and meeting people. food seems to be the way to his heart and he is a good eater. He is very good with his foster dad and sits on the couch cuddling with him. He has now turned the corner and has opened his heart to people - he just needs some time and then he will give kisses. Panda has the cutest little ears you've ever seen. He just needs to be given a chance and the new family will realize they have found a diamond in the rough who will eventually be their best friend. He may always be a little backward but with confidence, he will be great with his new permanent family.Contact emelfoster@frontier.com CALL 812-754-0016

" Pepper " [more info]

Pepper is just the perfect guy to add to your family. He gets along great with the ohter cats and loves his people ! What more can you ask for ? Contact Sue at 812-820-1680 or sueann60@hotmail.com

MIDNIGHT [more info]

Midnight Shepherd Mix 9 months Female This little girl has lots of the shepherd traits - including "mouthing" when she plays so not a good option for a home with small children. She wouldn't hurt a child playing but it might scare the younger ones if she puts their hand in her mouth. Not sure what her mix is but she uses her feet a lot when she plays. A nice size - probably 45lbs but could use some weight. Beautiful shiny black coat. If you would like to meet Midnight, please call 812 896 6968.

PETUNIA [more info]

Petunia Pit/heeler mix 1 yr spayed female This girl seems like a nice pit mix. Friendly with both men and women and seems ok with other dogs. She's a funny, silly thing, and her entire hiney wiggles when she greets you (click on her picture to see another one that shows her funny smile). Needs to be fed alone. Contact 812-472-3512

Baby Cakes [more info]

Baby Cakes is looking for a lap to adopt !!! That is her favorite pass time. She is a very loving kitty. Contact Sue at 812-820-1680 or sueann60@hotmail.

PEACHES [more info]

Peaches greyhound/doberman mix 2-3 yrs female turned in by owner who moved. Seems to be a nice, calm girl. Last life was an outside only dog. Owner said she was good with other dogs and children. CALL 812-754-0016

" Nod " [more info]

Nod is one of three sisters. She will make great addition to your family. She is a Turkish Van mix. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or sueann60@hotmail.com

" Winkem " [more info]

Winkem is all snuggled in with her sister Nod. Winkem is a healthy and happy little kitty who is waiting to be adopted. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or sueann60@hotmail.com

" Blinkim " [more info]

Blinkum is the third female in the litter. This group of kittens has been excellent in health and temperament. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or sueann60@hotmail.com

" Bernie " [more info]

Bernie was adopted a little over a year ago. His human momma has become I'll and can no longer care for him. Bernie is a lovable big ole tom with pale green eyes. Outstanding boy. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or sueann60@hotmail.com

CHESTER [more info]

Chester Pointer Mix 8 months Male Chester likes other dogs and kids. Does not pay any attention to cats. Only about 45LBS. His owners left him in a house when they moved so he made his own exit - through the window. If you would like to meet him, please call 812 896 6968

WAYLON [more info]

Waylon Blue Tick/Foxhound Mix 1 year Neutered Male Another sweet boy. He is under weight - only weighs 40LBS. - but gaining weight in foster. Good with other dogs. Very attentive. Loves to be right beside you. If you like to meet this good looking young man, please email sirescue47165@gmail.com.

DELILAH [more info]

Delilah German Shepherd 6-8 years Female COURTESY POST This pretty girl weighs about 70LBS. She is crate trained, spayed, up to date on her shots, heartworm negative and looking for a new home. If you would like to meet her, please email sirescue47165@gmail.com for an application.

DUNGEE [more info]

Dungee jack russell 7 yrs male turned in due to family issues, poor Dungee has been in his home since he was 7 wks old...he is now 7 years old and isn't handling this unfortunate change very well. Dungee would be best in a quiet home where he can recharge his batteries. CALL 812-754-0016 OR 812-569-8807.

WILBUR [more info]

Wilbur Jack Russell Mix 4 Neutered Male Sweet little guy who loves to give kisses. Not hyper. Good with other dogs. If you would like to meet him, please email sirescue47165@gmail.com.

RANEY [more info]

Raney setter/lab mix Adult male came in dripping wet after all the rains the other day. A little shy but coming around. Loves to run and play! Contact LHooker@hughes.net OR CALL 812-752-7500

Amelia [more info]

Amelia is a very social kitty and in your lap is her favorite place to be. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or sueann60@hotmail.com

Maggie [more info]

Maggie is quick to make her presence known. She is right there for her share of rubs. Look at that unique pattern on her face. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or sueann60@hotmail

Celeste [more info]

It is unusual for an orange cat to be female but it doesn't seem to bother Celeste as she takes one of her looong naps. Very low key and gentle kitty. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or sueann60@hotmail

Jake [more info]

Jake will make a good pet for your family. He is easy going and does well with the other kitties. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or sueann60@hotmail

Vinny [more info]

Vinny is one of those " to know him is to love him cats. ". Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or sueann60@hotmail