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Lonnie [more info]

Lonnie is a very friendly lab pointer mix in need of a home. He gets along with people and dogs well. From Lonnie's foster mom: This is my foster, Lonnie. He is in search of his forever family. We love having him but it's time he finds a permanent home and family. Lonnie is a great boy. He is about 2 years young. He loves to play with toys and other dogs. Lonnie wants to be by your side; he reminds me of a velcro dog. Lonnie is family friendly. He absolutely adores children. He has the cutest eyes that are so expressive it's like they talk to you and easily melts your heart. He can be a little shy to things that he isn't familiar with. However he learns quickly that everything will be alright. He warms up to new people easily. He reminds me of a pup with new experiences. As a puppy he probably wasn't socialized with new sounds and places so now as an adult he has to learn about new places and situations. I know there is a family that is perfect for him. Please help us find it. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application under adoptions, the form will send to us and we will check it. Questions email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com.

Jethro [more info]

He came to us from Louisiana. Jethro is the world’s handsomest couch potato.. He’s 2-3 yrs old, about 60 lbs, possibly Plott hound. He is a striking brindle with beautiful conformation. He is neutered, up to date with vaccinations, has been treated for heartworm & is now testing negative & on heartworm preventative. He is a typical laid back hound, no worries, gets along with everyone & everything. He was extremely fearful when first rescued, but has slowly come out of his shell. A patient low key family will be rewarded with the sweetest, most handsome furry friend. Go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application under adoptions. Questions, please email info@blackjackrescue.org

Beck [more info]

Beck, young catahoula mix, ready for his own family. He knows no and sit. He loves people and will do anything for attention. Loves to play tug with ropes and toys. Beck is a year old tuxedo dog-mom was a catahoula, dad was a mystery, maybe lab. Besides his white bib, someone dipped his toes in a can of white paint. He’s about 40 lbs, long & lean. He’s housebroken, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative, & getting heartworm preventative. Beck was born to a rescued mom & as a pup was very timid, always following in his brother’s footsteps. Since his brother’s adoption, Beck has been blossoming into a great dog. He’s good with people & all other animals. He likes his affection, & likes to sleep curled up on the bed next to his human. He knows a few commands & would do well with more training. He is moderately high energy & needs moderate exercise. He has an endearing quirky personality-he will bark/howl at new things (furniture moved, the sound of whipped cream spraying, etc). Shy with new people at first, he will make a great addition to some lucky family. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application to foster or to adopt! Questions email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com Thanks!

Hershey [more info]

Hershey is a young female lab mix, about 8 months old. She is very sweet. Crate and housetrained too! We have only had Hershey for two days, but can tell she is supper sweet. Within 10 minutes of her arriving at our house we were invaded with company. Hershey did not even have a chance to get used to her new home and was being drug around by two children on a leash and meeting new people. For the first few minutes she was a little timid, then she was on her back for belly rubs. The kids took her down to the barn and she got to meet horses, rabbits and goats. She did not react to anything other than my husband who is a big guy. She barked at him while wiggling her tail so fast I thought she was going to fall over. Maybe my husband looks like somebody she used to know, or at least his size is similar. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application under adoptions. It will send to us. Questions email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com

Jasper [more info]

Are you looking for a great companion this summer! Jasper is very loving and always on the go. Jasper is a two year young male dog with probably several mixes in there. I am thinking husky maybe catahoula He is a large dog and is very strong and bulky. About 50ish pounds. Maybe huskitahoula. He is good with people and can be dog selective especially if it involves his person so he will probably do best as a single dog. He is fine with them playing together, as long as his person is not involved. His current foster mom is working with him on socializing and working him through things like simple commands and being submissive going through doors and waiting his turn. He is doing well now in his new foster home, will keep up to date on his photos and his personality as it comes out more and more. We are posting alot of photos of him on Facebook that you can see at the link below also. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application, it will come to us. Questions, please email info@blackjackrescue.org

Lil Joe [more info]

It is time for Lil Joe to finally be adopted & find his new forever home. Back in February of this year he was brought to Medina city pound in bad shape. He was skinny, had an obvious front left leg injury which he was dragging around in pain, later we found out he had heartworms, Erlichia, and it was going to be expensive. Linda Scates Perry and I had raised some money but not nearly enough to help him with his costs so we had to raise some more & thank goodness for BlackJack Catahoula Rescue agreed to help with him so he could live to be adopted. He has made it through the leg amputation & heartworm treatments like a champ!! He's very tough! He's approximately 5-6 years old & weighs roughly 73lbs. He is good with other dogs. He prefers females & smaller males are ok if they were there first. Typical for the Catahoula breed. He prefers a mature audience as well so wouldn't recommend kids unless older. He basically just wants to live out his life without a lot of silliness. He sleeps a lot, loves to hang out, but don't let that fool u, he can run, & do what he wants, he just prefers to chill. Lol. He does have some storm anxiety but he takes meds that work pretty well for that when needed. He's a great protector & loyal companion for sure. If you are interested in adopting him please fill out an app with www.blackjackrescue.org. He is so worthy of a great life!! ???????????????? We have a video on here. He also tested Erlichia and heartworm positive and has already received treatment for both conditions. Lil Joe is good with people and other animals. He needs someone to love him and he will be their forever companion, knowing his life was saved. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application online under adoptions. We have also posted tons of videos of him on our Facebook page which you can access through the link. Questions, email info@blackjackrescue.org Also, if you want to donate to Lil Joe's ongoing medical care, please donate here:https://www.youcaring.com/lil-joe-to-pay-the-vet-for-his-heartworm-treatment-590743 Thanks!

Jolene [more info]

Jolene was rescued from St. Landry Parish in Louisiana following the spring flooding. She is a great dog, gets along with people and other dogs well. She is in her foster home and does go to doggie day care where she gets along with lots of other dogs. Jolene is a stunning red merle Catahoula. She is on the small side for her breed, about 35 lbs. She is very affectionate with people. She knows a few commands & would do very well with some training. She is very high energy & needs lots of exercise (she runs like the wind). She has a strong prey drive, so no cats or other small animals. Please read about catahoulas on our page, link is www.blackjackrescue.org where you can see other photos of Jolene on our Facebook page. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application for this beauty. Questions, email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com

Storm [more info]

Storm was rescued from the Louisiana storms this past March. He is friendly, good with people and other dogs. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and we will be putting more info up as we learn more about him. Questions email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com

Pancho [more info]

Pancho was just rescued from Louisiana. We think he might be catahoula x with some mastiff or bull terrier. He is about a 2 years old. Very loving young man that likes to play with his people but will settle down for a nice nap also. No aggression with food or toys but tends to play rough with other dogs. This is normal for catahoulas, they like to body slam and roll and wrestle with other dogs. Has not been around cats. Does ok on a leash but tends to pull. Wants to hunt squirrels and rabbits. Will try to climb a tree if allowed. Partially house broke. Does good when watched closely. Crate trained as well! Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org Fill out the application and it will send to us and our adoption coordinator will be in touch when it is checked and completed. Questions, go ahead and mail us and will get back to you within 24-48 hours. Thanks!

Lacey [more info]

Lacey is a beautiful heeler/coonhound mix that also resembles lab. Not a rottie, that is just her beautiful hound coloring. Check out her video. She is friendly with other dogs and with people, a gorgeous girl. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and then go to adoptions and fill out that application. Thanks! Questions email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com

Toby [more info]

Toby is a young male puppy about 16 weeks old, he is probably a lab mix puppy. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application. Questions email blackjackrescue.org

Stella [more info]

Stella is a young blue eyed double merle catahoula, She is friendly and good with people and other animals. She was surrendered down in Louisiana and we are trying to find her a suitable home. She does well in the house. She has a stunning coat and is very loving and would make a great pet for someone. She tested light heartworm positive and will get Immiticide injections. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application. It will send to us. Thank you!

Coco [more info]

Cocoa is an Australian Shepherd mix. He was rescued in St. Mary's, Louisiana. He is in search of a foster home! He is good with other dogs, and people. Cocoa is heartworm positive. He has already started on the Doxycycline. He will be ready for his immiticide shortly. He needs someone who can keep him calm and take him on short leashed walks. If you'd like to foster Cocoa but are unsure of the heartworms, and have any questions for us, please ask us. Apply: www.blackjackrescue.org

Deuce [more info]

Deuce is a 5 year old male Australian Shepherd mix. He is friendly and playful. Gets along well with large and small dogs. He loves people and children. We aren't sure about cats. Energetic and playful. Very Eager to please. He just completed his HW treatment and will have completed obedience school by the time he arrives to his foster home. He would do best with a foster/or adopted home with a large yard to run or someone committed to his training and exercise. I will provide the exercises for his new family to continue with his training. Apply: www.blackjackrescue.org Questions, email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com

Stella [more info]

This is a courtesy posting, please contact Michigan Animal Crew at number or email below. Stella is a three year old terrier mix. She is good with kids and other dogs. Cats are unknown. She is fully vetted, microchipped, potty and crate trained. She loves to walk and play fetch. Adoption fee $295. Contact: labuej@comcast.net or 586-615-3526. Rescue: Michigan Animal Crew Location: Shelby Twp, MI 49455 Read about rat terriers online, they are smart, loving and very active dogs. They make good farm or apartment pets.

Maizy [more info]

Maizy is a year to two years old. She is a Catahoula mix. She is around 38lbs. Maizy is a very sweet and loving girl. Maizy is considered high energy and would love to have a fenced in yard. Maizy loves to play with other dogs. She loves to play fetch but doesn’t know the return yet. Maizy would probably enjoy doing agility type training. She is very food motivated. She enjoys going for car rides. Maizy loves to play with toys, especially a good tennis ball. Applications: www.blackjackrescue.org Questions email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com She has a special need, reaction to new situations which is being worked on. It means she needs an alpha leader and more socialization.

Lily [more info]

She is a 1 1/2 yr old Catahoula mix female. She is fully vetted and spayed. Since getting out of that stressful shelter she has blossomed in a few short days. She loves her new dog friends here and is very well behaved and super loving. If you can give her the home, time and love she deserves go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out an adoption application. Questions email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com

Buddy [more info]

Buddy is a very sweet and loving Beagle, he came to us from Greensburg, LA. He had heartworms when he came and we have treated him for that. Buddy is good with people and other animals. He perfectly housetrained and friendly with everyone. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application under adoptions. Questions email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com

Haley [more info]

Haley was rescued several weeks ago from Cleveland CO Animal Shelter. She will be ready for her own home in a couple of weeks, after she puts on some weight and her spay is done. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and it will send to us and we will check it. Questions, email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com

Joy [more info]

Joy just came from IPAC in Louisiana. She is currently in Bristol TN. She will be going tomorrow to the ortho vet to check on her left front leg which is frozen in a bad positiion from an old injury. We will know tomorrow what will be happening with her leg, we are pretty sure it involves surgery. Update, leg cannot be fixed due to nerve damage, so we can leave it the way it is or amputate and let her be a tripod. Either way, she is a great dog with big spirit! She is personable, good with people and other dogs. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application under adoptions or if you can foster. Questions, email blackjackrescue.org

Sophie [more info]

Sophie is a young female black and white shih tzu in need of a home. We have a video of her if you request it, we can email to you. She will probably do best in a home as the only dog. Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application. Questions, please email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com

Tangeaux [more info]

Adult male catahoula mix, gets along good with people and with other dogs, Please go to www.blackjackrescue.org and fill out the application under adoptions. Questions email blackjackrescue.org

Barney [more info]

Barney is a young and sweet Bassahoula. Very sweet, gets along with all dogs and with people. Special needs, light heartworm positive, has been in doxycycline for treatment. He will be getting Immiticide soon as he finishes his doxycycline. Questions, email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com

Joey [more info]

Joey was found as a stray, we put his name and photo out there and no one has claimed him. He will be gaining weight and then getting neutered, vaccinated and ready for his own home. Very friendly dog, good with people and with other dogs. Questions, email blackjackrescue@yahoo.com