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Cinnamon & Mama (mother daughter bonded pair) [more info]

Cinnamon is bright colored and beautiful! She is the shape of a Lab and almost the color of an Irish setter! However, she is a travel size at just about 35 pounds. She's a sweetie pie but is a scared girl so she needs to be crated inside at first and leash-walked in a safe area until she knows you are her person. Also, she ADORES dogs and really needs one as a companion. (We are placing her as a bonded pair with her mother MAMA. She's a dark choco Lab mix) Mama is timid at first but one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet. She's a face licker. Once she knows her home, she is wonderful off-leash to let out for bathroom breaks. She always comes back inside the moment she's done! The advantage of adopting the pair is that they are comfortable together and you don't have to keep Cinnamon in line because Mama does. Their ideal home would be serene and we're hoping they can be the main canines. Cinnamon welcomes other dogs and Mama is good in passing etc, but is dominant with other dogs in the home. Mama is a super calm easy keeper. Cinnamon has some miniature pincher energy in her when she gets excited but can be calm as well. They make the perfect pair! Adoption donation includes all vetting which is done- spay/shots/microchip/heartworm testing of age/deworming/UTD on heartworm prevention and they have been seen by a vet for an exam Please note: We take most of our pictures outdoors because the sunlight is so much better but our dogs come inside daily and are prepared for indoor life!!

Carmen [more info]

Carmen is a beautiful young calico who happened to test positive for FIV. She is perfectly healthy and happy, cat and dog friendly and cute as a button! Please don't overlook this sweetie because she is slightly special!

Laddie- AWESOME! [more info]

Laddie is a real eye catcher! He is only about a year old and so charismatic and loving! He loves to play with other dogs and is still a pup at heart. His energy isn't overwhelming though. This unique gent is hoping someone out there will call his name! Could it be you? awolmutts24@gmail.com Laddie is crate-trained, house-trained, neutered, microchipped, HW negative, vaccinated Rabies/distemper/parvo/adenovirus/lepto/bordatella, dewormed and ready to go home! His adoption donation is $250.

Swagg - War Orphan - Needs foster [more info]

Swagg is a war orphan in need of a new home. He is a 60 lb , one year old Staffie who is obedient and well-trained. His Dad told us Swagg adores the outdoors and loves nothing more than to go for a cool swim in a river or creek. He added that Swagg is amazing with children, allows them to pull and tug at him at will. Swagg apparently has been photographed in a pink tu-tu courtesy of a 4 yr old neighbor. He similarly is great with dogs and cats. Dad's final comment was that Swagg is very loyal and he hopes that someone can give Swagg half the love he can give them. Swagg is neutered and microchiped and up-to-date on all of his vaccinations, including lyme and lepto. For more information, please contact awolmutts@hotmail.com

Jude [more info]

JUDE is gray with white on feet and chest - male - born May 30, 2011. He is a total lovebug, and a real sweet and gentle kitty. He is shy with strangers, but warms up quickly. He also loves to have his tummy rubbed. Jude is being fostered with several other cats including his sister Willow. He gets along with other cats and with dogs. He was previously fostered in a home with dogs. Jude is neutered, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on all medical.

Serina [more info]

Serina is a beautiful, petite brown tabby female - born May 2011 - she looks to be a "Savannah" breed. She is an extremely friendly and outgoing kitty. Serina loves people and attention...she can't get enough pets. Serina gets along with other cats (has not been around dogs). Serina is spayed, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on all medical

Widget [more info]

Widget is a beautiful gray female tabby - born May 2009. She is a playful kitty - especially loves to play laser light. Widget gets along with other cats, and with dogs. She is shy at first, but warms up quickly. Widget was rescued from a shelter in West Virginia. She is spayed, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on all medical.

Jules [more info]

Jules is a cute male Gray/Brown Tabby – born May 4, 2012. His mother is a "Savannah" breed. He is playful and energetic and full of affection. Jules loves to cuddle and purr. He is shy until he gets to know you, but then very affectionate. Jules gets along with other cats, and with dogs. He is neutered, and up-to-date on all medical.

Emily [more info]

Emily is a sleek, petite, all black female - born May 2010. She is shy with strangers, but is quite outgoing once she gets to know you. Emily loves attention, and to be petted. She is also very energetic and loves to play. She gets along with other cats (she is fostered with several other cats), and with dogs. Emily is micro-chipped, spayed, and up-to-date on all medical.

Willow [more info]

Willow is a Grey Tabby female – born May 30, 2011. She is friendly and affectionate, though shy at first. Willow is playful, and loves to lounge around. She gets along with other cats, and with dogs. She is being fostered with several other cats including her brother Jude. Willow is spayed, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on all medical.

Jefri [more info]

Jefri is a sweet black and white male kitty - born May 2006. He is friendly and affectionate, loves people and attention, and is a lap cat. He loves to follow his foster mom around, and give little kisses. Jefri is a laid back kitty, but still likes to play and wrestle with his foster friends. Jefri gets along with other cats (he is fostered with several other cats), and seems unfazed by dogs. Jefri is micro-chipped, neutered, and up-to-date on all medical. He lost one of his eyes due to infection prior to rescue – but that does not slow him down.

Jake [more info]

Jake is a handsome male Brown Tabby - Born July 2007. He is a friendly and confident cat. Jake likes to play and run around, but is also a laid back cat who likes to relax on his cat tree or bed and nap. He loves attention, and to be near you. Jake gets along with other cats (he is fostered with several other cats), unsure about dogs. Jake is micro-chipped, neutered, and up-to-date on all medical.

Eddie and Emily [more info]

Eddie - Gray Tabby male - born June 2006 - is a very handsome, very fit, good natured and playful young tabby male. Eddie is still shy with strangers and new situations, but once he is comfortable he is just great. Although he is not a big lap cat, he is very person-oriented and just loves to be petted and scratched. One of his favorite things to do is hop up on the washing machine (for its convenient height) and get a good overall scratching. Eddie has a fascination with large pieces of paper, especially the heavy brown paper often used for packing, and will slide into it, under it, all around it, whether there is a toy involved or not! Eddie also proved to be a wonderful uncle to two kittens last year. He was very tolerant of their antics, and played with them all the time. Eddie is neutered, and up-to-date on all medical. Emily – Gray Tabby Female - born June 2006 - was rescued as a young kitten (with her brother Eddie) in the summer of 2006. Although she is shy with new people (unless they have some of her favorite treats!) and new situations, once she gets comfortable she is extremely affectionate and a total lap cat. She is thrilled with any chance to curl up and nap with her foster dad, or stay in his lap for lengthy sessions at the computer. Emily still loves to play and will recklessly careen around after her favorite toys (or after Eddie!). In addition to Eddie, Emily is living with five other cats and does fine with them. Emily is spayed, and up-to-date on all medical. Please note: Emily and Eddie have been together all their lives, get along great, and must be adopted together. They would be ideal "parents" for a young kitten and would give you a wonderful instant feline family.

Judy [more info]

Judy is an approximate 1 year old Border Collie. Being found with her sister in a barn, we assume that the two girls were dumped on a nearby road and found safe haven near the horses. She is a very affectionate, needy girl, wanting to be by your side 24/7 with endless rubs and scratches. When she isn't demanding constant attention, she's frolicking with the other dogs and barking at them. By being a border collie, Judy'll need a home where they'll understand the breed and their needs. She'll need a fenced in yard, because she does like to try and run off. If to a family, we'd prefer her to a home with older kids, simply because border collies do not do well with young children. For more info on this gorgeous dog, contact Sherry Dillon at theartofpaws@gmail.com

Onyx- JUST PERFECT! [more info]

Onyx is one of the most wonderful dogs you'll ever meet! She is VERY easy. She is perfectly housebroken and does not need crating during the day. She doesn't need a fenced yard- leash walking is sufficient. She ran out of time at a kill shelter and we scooped her up just in time. She would be an ideal companion for a home with cats or dogs or an apartment or a town house or a home with children- you name it! She doesn't understand why she still has nowhere to call her home! You cannot find a more loyal gal! Please, won't you drop Onyx a note today?? Please contact awolmutts24@gmail.com Onyx is already vetted. Her adoption donation is $250.

Billy the Clown- VERY SMART! [more info]

Billy makes you laugh! He cherishes attention and loves nothing more than being close by your side! This boy is SO smart. He can be trained to do anything! We love Billy and are looking for someone who will do the same. Billy is a charmer and just wants the chance to win you over! awolmutts24@gmail.com Billy is fully vetted and ready to go home! Adoption donation is $250

Patches [more info]

Patches is a 4 and a half month old Catahoula Leopard Lab mix pup. Being very socialized, she loves to play with the other pups. She's incredibly sweet, loving to get cuddled and get kisses. She is still a young pup and will need to be house broken. For more info on her, contact Sherry Dillon at theartofpaws@gmail.com

Blanco [more info]

Blanco is a 4 and a half month old Dalmation mix. Being very outgoing, he enjoys exploring new surroundings with little to no fear. He loves to play in the kiddy pool, splashing in the shallow water with his siblings. Toys of any kind are fair game to him, especially tug toys. Blanco is still a puppy and will need to be housebroken. Fro more info on him,, contact Sherry Dillon at theartofpaws@gmail.com

Oreo [more info]

Oreo is a 4 and a half Lab mix pup. She's very outgoing, loving to meet new people and explore new things. She's a bright girl, willing to please. She loves attention, enjo u ing her ears rubbed. Even though she's outgoing, she tends to be more laid back. Like any pup, she enjoys playing with toys and doesn't mind kiddie pools to wade in either. Because Oreo is still young, she will need to be housebroken. For more info on him, contact Sherry Dillon at theartofpaws@gmail.com

Sarah [more info]

Sarah is an approximately 1 year old Catahoula mix. She's a small to medium sized dog, making her the perfect size for apartment life. She's willing to learn new things when treats are held to her nose. With a nice personality, she loves to play and gets along with all the other dogs. She tends to ignore the cats too. For more info on Sarah, contact Sherry Dillon at theartofpaws@gmail.com

Jane [more info]

Jane is an approximately 1 year old Catahoula Leopard mix. At around 30 pounds, she's of smaller to medium sized. She's very sweet and loving, enjoying to have her ears scratched. She is somewhat shy, but comes right out of her quiet shell when playing with other dogs. She does have cats on the farm to smell, but tends to ignore them. For more info on Jane, contact Sherry Dillon at theartofpaws@gmail.com

Clifford [more info]

Clifford is a 6 month old Mastiff Chessie mix pup. He's already a hefty sized boy, weighing 50 pounds and still yet to finish growing and filling in. An easy going, calm temperament makes him a great dog to get along with. He gets along with the other dogs, loving to rump around the backyard with them. His bright eyes and wavy, bright coat make him a stunning looking dog. For more info, contact Sherry Dillon at theartofpaws@gmail.com

Boris [more info]

Boris is a 5 month old Collie Border Collie mix. Being a little on the shy side, he tends to very sweet and loving once he warms up to you. He's quicker to come out of his shell when with other dogs and/or puppies, racing around and playing with them. Because he is still a puppy, he may chew on household items as well as fingers when playing. He will also need to be housebroken, but is mostly crate trained. For more info on him, contact Sherry Dillon at theartofpaws@gmail.com

Kylie [more info]

Kylie is a 4 month old Plott Hound mix. She's very quiet and easy going, enjoying her own company just as much as with the other puppies. Tending to take her time with everything she does, she's more of a couch potato than a fetching companion. She does, however, like to be outside, enjoying to lay out and sun bathe. Even though she doesn't seem mischievous, a puppy is a puppy, and she may get into trouble if not supervised around a household. She will also need to be housebroken. For more info on Kylie, contact Sherry Dillon at theartofpaws@gmail.com

Yankee-So UNIQUE & PRECIOUS!! [more info]

For more information and an application, please email Cameron at: CAMERON.RESCUE@GMAIL.COM Yankee is the absolute most adorable little-big guy that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! He is about 10 months to 1 year old and weighs around 40 lbs. The first time I saw Yankee I went right over to meet him and he immediately came bouncing over to me, hopped in my car and was a perfect little passenger! Yankee is the most precious mix of what I think is Basset and Pointer, but I cannot be certain and am going strictly by my best guess based on is look & size. What I do know is you just want to eat him up with how cute he is!-but Yankee's #1 feature in my book is his amazing personality and temperament. This boy is an absolute love bug that welcomes you with a big smile as he trots over to greet you. He is by far one of the most extraordinary dogs I have ever known, that manages to lift you up just by being around him. He is sweet, cheerful, sociable, gentle and truly has a good nature. Yankee loves everyone...absolutely everyone and everything, and would be an ideal dog for pretty much anyone! Yankee would love nothing more than a family to love and a home to call his own. Can you give him his forever home? Yankee is neutered, up to date on shots, and his adoption fee is $275. For an application, please contact Cameron at... CAMERON.RESCUE@GMAIL.COM